Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Nature Conservation and National Parks General Manager Mr. Nurettin Taş Dr. They participated in the Bartın programs held by Mr. Veysel Eroğlu on Saturday, August 12th.
Mr. Nurettin Taş, our General Manager, who participated in the 'Distribution Ceremony of Income Generating Species and ORKÖY Loan Certificates Used in DSİ Facilities' Collective Foundation and Forest Villages organized in the Provincial Culture Center in Bartın within the scope of the programs of our Minister, is related to the works carried out by our General Directorate of DKMP. they transferred information. They gave the good news of the wildlife observation tower to be constructed in Küre Mountains National Park.
After the ceremony, Mr. Nurettin Taş, who delivered food and water containers to our citizens in the stand of the Provincial Directorate of Branches, had hasbihal with the citizens.
During the visit of our General Manager Nurettin Taş, who visited the Küre Mountains National Park Directorate, DKMP 10th Regional Director Hasan Başyiğit, National Parks Branch Manager Erol Büyükdoğan, Administrative and Financial Affairs Branch Manager Mustafa Demirol, Küre Mountains National Park Director Ahat Deliorman related personnel were present. Our General Manager Mr. Nurettin Taş received information from Ahat Deliorman about the activities and activities of the National Park Directorate.