Since Küre Mountains National Park contains high levels of valuable biological diversity and is experiencing a rapid loss of habitats, it has been included in the 100 Forest Hot Spots of Europe. In order to preserve and conserve the cultural and biological diversity of Küre Mountains National Park and its buffer zone many project have been and are being implemented by various NGO’s and the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairswith the support of different funding resources.
"Enhancing Forest Protected Areas Management System in Turkey Project” The aim of the project is the reinforcement of nature protection and sustainable resource management around Kastamonu-Bartın Küre Mountains National Park, as well as creating an active and wholesome management model, based on participation. With this project, the administrative activities of the forest protection areas in the national protected areas system will be developed, and the experience will facilitate the replication of the aims to other eight forest hot points in Turkey. In addition, the project will ensure sustainability by increasing management activities in Küre Mountains National Park and buffer zone. Replication and improvement of the best management practices will affect the other eight forest hot points (around 1.400.000 ha) that enclose globally significant forest ecosystems and will contribute to the improvement of global environment. The project will be run in an area of 172.119 ha, consisting of the Kastamonu-Bartın Küre Mountains National Park (37.753 ha) and its buffer zone (134.336 ha).
- Contributing to the development of the national protection system by generalizing the experience from the Küre Mountains National Park to other forest hot points in Turkey.“Enhancing Forest Protected Areas Management System in Turkey Project”, which started in May 2008 to last for three years, is a medium scale GEF (Global Environment Fund) project. It is carried out by Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, General Directorate of Forestry, and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Turkey Office, in partnership with WWF Turkey. In 1999, WWF conducted a research in Europe on ecologically representable forest areas that are not included in the protected area system. As a result of this research, they established 100 Forest Hotspots that need protection. Nine of these hot points are in Turkey. In 1999, these areas were acclaimed internationally as Turkey’s gifts to the earth. Today, Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs and non-governmental organizations are continuing their work to establish new protected areas or enlarge already protected areas in these nine forest hotspots.
PAN Parks
PAN Parks (Protected Area Network), an independent non-governmental organization founded by the WWF and Molecaten, is in collaboration with the local and international businesses on local and Europe-wide protected area management. Küre Mountains National Park, with its natural resources as well as ecotourism potential, is Turkey’s first candidate protected area for PAN Parks. The efforts to ensure a better protection of the natural resources, to provide better understructure and services for the visitors and to fulfill the requirements for the PAN Parks membership are still going on under the “Enhancing Forest Protected Areas Management System in Turkey Project”.
- Prepared with the participation of the non-governmental organizations; one of the partners is also a non-governmental organization, WWF.
- For the first time in Turkey, a protected area is planned in accordance with the stakeholders in its surrounding (buffer zone). On the one hand, steps are taken to create alternative sources of income for the local people, and exemplary cases are set for the other areas.
- An important step is taken for implementation of the Program of Work on Protected Areas of the international Convention on Biological Diversity, of which Turkey is a party.
TUBİTAK Ecology Based Nature Training Project
“Ecology Based Nature Training in Ilgaz Mountain National Park and Küre Mountains National Park”, which started in 2005, is being supported by TÜBİTAK and ran by Kastamonu Governorate Directorate of Environment and Forest. Every year, groups of 30 people composed of researchers, PhD students and teachers from various universities are educated on nature protection and environment issues through 10-day training programs. A sustainable living and sufficient environment are possible only by understanding the nature. Understanding the nature means loving it. In order to love the nature, one needs to learn and know. Today, nature is in decline because of our desire to consume more than what nature is able to give us. It is an important step to realize the extent of the danger the Earth is facing due to global climate change. Our biggest contribution to global living would be to understand the nature and share our understanding with others, before it’s too late. The purpose of this training is to learn the “Language of Nature” and understand the nature.
“Capped Mystery of the Küre Mountains: Mushrooms”
Project is run by the Küre Mountains Ecotourism Development Cooperative and supported by the WWF Turkey as an extension of “Türkiye’nin Canı” (Turkey’s Soul) program. The aim of the project is to reveal the richness of Küre Mountains National Park and its buffer zone in terms of mushrooms by studying non-wood forest species, namely macrofungi.