The written history of the region starts with the Hittites. Then Phrygians and Lydians rule the region. The Persians captured Küre Mountains and around in the 4th century BC. After that Alexander the Great conquers the region. During the1st century BC, the Pontus Kingdom takes control. Back then, the region was known as Paphlagonia. After the Roman Empire, Byzantium starts ruling by 395 BC.
The first Turk domination to the region started with dominating of Danishmends in 1105. It is known that the Turk Beylics such as, Anatolian Seljuk, Çobanoğulları, Candaroğulları reigned in Küre Mountains. In 1461,after it became a part of the Ottoman Empire, it remains the same so until the foundation of the Turkish Republic.
The name of Kure Mountain is named of Kure district. It is the town of Kastamonu, and also it hosts chalcopyrite deposit. It called another name as "İsfendiyarMountains".İsfendiyar Mountainswas dedicated to İsfendiyarBey, 8thCandaroğulları Rulerthat reigned between 1291 and 1461 in the region.
Natural resources are not the only value of the region. From past to present, cultural values has always been an important values. They are on a wide range from the village houses that still has its original architectural properties to colorful clothes women still wear in their daily lives, from handicrafts to local food. Some plants and animals are used with the aim of medical, aromatic and gastronomic purposes.