What is a national park?
A national park is an enclosed space that includes scientifically and aesthetically, nationally and internationally rare cultural assets as well as protection, recreation and tourism areas. The aim for recognizing these nationally and internationally rare areas as national parks is to ensure sustainability of these areas and to leave them as a heritage for the next generations by balancing consumption with protection. For detailed information on the protected areas in Turkey; Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks Ministry of Environment and Urbanization General Directorate for Natural Assets Protection
How can I go to Küre Mountains National Park?
Küre Mountains National Park is located within the provincial borders of Bartın and Kastamonu.From Bartın city center; one can go to the national park via Arıt, Ulus, Amasra, and/or Kurucaşile. The distance between Bartın and Arıt, Ulus, Amasra, and Kurucaşile is 32, 37, 18 and 55 kilometers respectively. From Kastamonu city center, one can go to the national park via Pınarbaşı, Azdavay, Şenpazar, and/or Cide. From Kastamonu city center to Pınarbaşı is 82km, Azdavay is 77 and Cide is 130 kilometers respectively. One can reach the detailed information of transportation opportunities from Travel Planning Section.
Where can I stay?
There are not any accommodations facilities within the national park. The visitors can stay in the city centers. In addition, there are a plenty of choices in İnkumu, Amasra, Çakraz, in Küre Mountain Hostel in Ulus district of Bartın, in Pınarbaşı in Kastamonu, Cide and Azdavay towns of Kastamonu.In Bartın, home hostels are available in KDMP Information Center in the Söğütlü village of Arıt, and Aşağıçerçi, Alıçlı, Köklü, Yukarıdere, Aşağıçamlı and Kozanlı villages of Ulus. The communication information of the hostels can be provided by the village     neighbourhood unit.In Kastamonu, one can stay in restored historical mansions and hotels in Pınarbaşı and Azdavay. Paşa Konağı in Pınarbaşı and Yanık Ali Konağı in Azdavay are available for the visitors. Additionally, there are home hostels in Azdavay’s Zümrüt village. One can reach the detailed information of transportation opportunities from Travel Planning Section.
Is there a guidance service in the national park?
In National Parks, in Turkey decision dated 9.8.1983 numbered 2873 within the context of National Parks Laws it is aimed at using protected areas by protecting of the resource values that they have, informing visitors and raising local people visitors as a field guide living within the border of protected areas and around with the aim of informing visitors and providing visitors management and getting exact information of visitors. According to Selection of Field Guide, Training, Operational Procedures and Principles Regulations principles pubished in official gazette dated 03.28.2006 and numbered 26122 “Group visitors coming to protected areas  (consisting of 12 and more than 12) or event organizer agencies will be obliged to take the field guide for visiting and activities in protected areas even they have their own guides. You can communicate of your field guide request with Kure Mountains National Park Directorship for visiting to perfom in Kure Mountains National Park.
What is forbidden in the national park?
Engaging in any activities that would harm the nature and wildlife is forbidden in the national park. It is forbidden to collect and take out any material, such as wild animals, plants, flowers, saplings, flower bulbs, fruits, branches, roots, stones, soil etc. It is forbidden to stay in, camp or have a picnic outside the specially designated areas in Management Plan. It is forbidden to climb on the trees or the rocks, trespass and/or destroy the fences and the barriers, build any structure. It is forbidden to light a fire and carry explosives. It is forbidden to dump trash or waste materials.
May I take photos in the national park?
As a rule that applies all the national parks, one has to have permission from the directorates for professional photo shoots. Unless harming the natural life, one can take photos on special permission from the Directorate for Küre Mountains National Park.