Cave is a hollow place in the ground, especially a natural underground space large enough for a human to enter. Caves form naturally by the weathering of rock and often extend deep underground. Kure Mountains National Park is one of the parks taking inventory keeping caves mostlly in all national parks in the world. The park includes about 100 caves. Kure Mountains National Park is the national park that includes the biggest number of caves after Carlsbad Caverns National Park in the USA. When it is examined the caves’ features, there is not very potential both length and depth. The deepest cave is Ilgarini cave and 250 m.
The longest cave is Eşekçukur Kuylucu (Çovurmatepe-6) and 1,5 km long at most. The other all caves ranges large and small these two criterions.  In addition to visual beauty, the caves are unique habitats with the reason of having potential significantly including endemic species, speciation and natural selection etc. scientific mechanism to be discovered. It is known that the small populations which are separated from main population become different very fast. In the national park, there are caves that include archaeological remains. Kure Mountains National Park is an important area for tourism.
Buz (Ice) Cave is a very beautiful cave that located about 45 minutes at the end of a very nice walk in Kurtgirmez region in forest. The cave is a semi-fossil condition. Many formations’ forming have stopped and even started to fall.
Ejder (Dragon) Cave in a cave where tourists stop by on the way to the Ilgarini. Kazla Street is a very huge gap located on the road leading to the forest in Ilgarini from Topmeydanı flatland.
Ilgarini cave become a popular place for tourists, already publicized on the signboard without amenajman. As a result of the recent biological studies in these caves, it has been found to contain endemic species.
Unfortunately, Medil-1 Cave has been plundered by treasure many times, has been excavated or exploded in the ancient archaeological remains locally at random. Nevertheless, the cave can be only protected to be opened to tourism because of both archaeological remains and cave formations.
Alman Cave
Arpatarlası İni Cave
Arpatarlası Kuyusu Cave
Aşağıçerçi Düdeni Cave
Atak Cave    
Ayakkabı Çukuru Cave
Ayı Cave
Balcak Cave                                
Bacaksızın Bacağının Koptuğu Cave
Buz Kuyusu Cave
Buzluk İni Cave
Buzluk Cave
Büyük Kaya Cave
Cıngırlıkuyu Cave
Çatak Ağzı 1 Cave
Çatak Ağzı 2 Cave
Çatak Ağzı 3 Cave
Çıkrıkkapı Kuylucu Cave
Çengelkuyu Düdeni Cave    
Çovurma Tepe Kuylucu Cave
Çovurma Tepe Cave
Çıngıraklı Düden Cave
Çingir Kuyusu Cave    
Dağlı Kuylucu Cave
Dikilitaş (Kafatası) Cave
Döngelyanı Kuylucu Cave
Düşenkaya Cave
Ejder Cave
Eşek Çukuru Cave 1     
Eşek Çukuru Caveı 2
Gavurini Cave
Gökdeli Mağarası Cave
Gölcük Cave
Gurbet Tepe Kuylucu Cave
Gürlik Cave
Ilgarini Cave
İğnedeligi Cave
İnönü Cave
İnönü Kovuğu Cave
İntürbesi Cave
Kadıharmanı Kokurdanı Cave
Kapaklı Kuylucu Cave
Karakış Cave
Kaval Cıngırı Cave
Kayaarkası Düdeni Cave
Kayaarkası Cave
Kayadibi Kuylucu Cave    
Kılıçlı Cave
Kınakayası Cave     
Kokurdan Cave
Kurtyolu 1 Cave
Kurtyolu 2 Cave
Kurtyolu Düdeni Cave     
Kuşaklı Cave
Kuşkayası 1 Cave
Kuşkayası 2 Cave
Küçük Çıkrıkkapı
Kuylucu Cave    
Mantar Cave
Medil 1 Cave     
Medil 2 Cave
Mızrak Cave (Gökdeli)     
Mürsili Cave
Nalçak Moğarı Cave
Sıçan Cave
Sırt Kokurdanı Cave
Sipahiler Cave
Sinekli Cave     
Sorkun Düdeni Cave
Topmeydanı Kuylucu Cave     
Şelale Cave
Ürkülük Kuylucu Cave    
Yarasa Cave
Yarasa Cave 2     
Yumruçal Cave
Yukarı Döngelyanı Cave
Zoni Subatanı Cave
Ağzı Büyük Cave
Suini Cave
Çıngırık Kuyusu Cave
Western Black Sea and especially Kure National Park are rich area in terms of caves. In the National Park, it has been done research on     bio-diversity bio-diversity but has not been done serious research on bio-diversity. In our country, scientific research on cave living is minute amount and all of them are made by foreigners. Scientific caving in Turkey in general has been limited to geology, geomorphology, hydrochalcite and archaeology. Therefore, in the field of cave-biology should be done extensive work. Kure Mountains National Park especially with a lot of caves and canyons is one of the only or very few examples in the world and Turkey. It will be suitable to be changed “Cave and Canyons” and to be called as VALLA CANYON NATIONAL PARK separating from the caves of Kure National Park in terms of introduction to the world and strengthen field management.